How It Works

I look forward to collaborating with you in person, if you’re local, or by phone or email. We will discuss your plans, ideas, and budget and will decide on details accordingly.

Envelope Addressing

We will first talk about the feel of your event (formal vs casual) and will decide on a font. I ask that you provide me with a typed list of the names and addresses, exactly how you want them to appear on the envelope. (Mr. and Mrs. Smith/John and Jane Smith/Grandpa John and Grandma Jane etc.) Please make sure to order an extra 25% envelopes to allow for misprints and late additions to the list.

I ask for a week to complete up to 100 envelopes, 2 weeks for 200, etc.

Custom Signage

This includes seating charts, menu design, welcome signs, table numbers, placement cards, and other signs/artwork. As with envelope addressing, we will talk about what you’re wanting and I will send you a proof and will make changes as you see fit. This is very important because once I begin the final piece, any changes made will be an extra charge.

Located in Houston’s Bay Area